A fully trained team of technicians is at your disposal in order to intervene, install and repair water heaters produced by Atlantic.

In case of repair work, please prepare the following information, prior to requesting an intervention:

  • Name and address of installation
  • Date of installation
  • Outlet where the product was purchased
  • Model number (information on the product’s rating plate)
  • Serial number (information on the product’s rating plate)
  • Descriptive of the problem identified

For installations, contact:
Block 11, Industrial Zone A1 , 10th Of Ramadan,
El Sharkeya | EGYPT

Opening hours:
Sunday – Thursday 9am – 5pm

T: 0100-2141069, 015-410226
F: 015-410226

For repair work, contact:
For every installation made by one of our dedicated professionals, you will receive a telephone call in order for us to validate your satisfaction with our promptness and our quality of work.