A great brand is above all a unique history

Year after year, Atlantic focuses on quality, imagination and enthusiasm to provide you with day-to-day comfort and long-lasting products.

Created by Mr Radat and Mr Lamoure, Atlantic’s history began at la Roche-sur-Yon (in the Vendée region on the west coast of France) in 1968. Its activity: manufacturing hot water convectors, at more than 400,000 units per year.

A few key dates…


  • New production facility for towel radiators.
  • Launching of new water heaters with digital displays.
  • New Atlantic image, reflecting its brand positioning; dynamic, comfort, and modern.

2012: Multiple new product launches

  • Launching of the new Diamond Quality range of water heaters: Ego, O’Pro+, O’Pro Turbo, Stéatite
  • Launch of a new heat pump water heater Explorer
  • To improve its manufacturing process, Groupe Atlantic invested in new state-of-the-art production line dedicated to the manufacturing of commercial and industrial application tanks through its brand Atlantic


  • Launch of a new venture into the production of components for water heaters


  • New water heater production facility in Egypt (10th of Ramadan district)


  • Launch of the first production site outside of France, in Egypt


  • Launch of the first electronic water heater and a new programming system for heating: the Pass Program


  • Technological innovation with the ASP (Anti Sediment Process) for heating


  • A new generation of design bathroom heaters


  • A new generation water heater with the ACI (Anti-Corrosion Integrated) technology


  • Atlantic makes widespread use of electronics


  • Electronic thermostat convector


  • The FIRST water heater range


  • The FIRST electric convector


  • Creation of the Atlantic brand

The continuous search for well-being has led Atlantic to develop functional, comfortable, simple to use appliances with an attractive design that ensures maximum safety.

If you would like to see Atlantic’s factories and history in images, you can visit the picture gallery on the website.